Gabriela Malimbus


2016 Sculpture at the Massana School in Barcelona. Plastic Arts applied to Sculpture. Spain


2007 Complutense University of Madrid. Faculty of information science. DEA in the Department: Audiovisual Communication and Advertising. Spain


2001 Central University of Venezuela. BA in Sociology




2021 Conference on a new paradigm in the history of art, design and crafts. Lecture: Textile Memory. Friends of La Massana in collaboration with the Design Museum of Barcelona, Spain


2019 II Colloquium of Researchers in Textile and Fashion. Names in the Shadow. Lecture: Arpilleristas. Artists of the Resistance. Barcelona Design Museum and Design History Museum, Spain




2015 Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia. Mold workshop. Spain




2015 mention in the contest organized by the UFEC and the Massana School for the design of the 2015 Campió medal with the “Victoria” project. Spain




2014 to 2016 sculptor Álvaro Soler Arpa and jeweler Ana Hagopian




2021 Story # 5 – Instincts from Heaven – A site, creators, a promise. Collective exhibition in Boost, Saint-Denis. KhaOs Space for poetry. Exhibition from October 16 to October 21. Paris, France


2020 Malimbus Studio, solo exhibition. Cloudworks, Barcelona, Spain


2019 Dona’m espai, collective exhibition. La Raposa, Barcelona, Spain


2015 Fresh Meat, Emerging Art Butcher’s, group exhibition. Walrus Hub en Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona, Spain


2015 Exogen-Endogen. group exhibition. LafuturA Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Gabriela Vanzetti