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-What materials are used in tapestries and objects of Textile Art?

We generally use cotton and linen ropes of various thicknesses for tapestries. Wood and metal for the support bars.

Likewise, we make use of other textile art materials. Such as fibers of vegetable origin, fabrics, threads, wires, etc.

Recycled material is part of our range of possibilities, being sourced from plant, animal or synthetic origins. We recycle and use animal derivatives to tell their stories.

We are a studio that seeks the sustainability of its designs through actions: reduce, recycle and renew. Respect for nature is one of our values.

-Do you accept commissions?

Yes! Creation and collaboration are part of our epigenetic signal. If you want an object of value, customized to your space and style, we can together generate ideas and create exclusive pieces.

If you are a designer, interior designer or a craftsman, we can please your client’s expectations by working together. Let’s talk!

-Are tapestries and other works unique?

In the Gallery link, you will find designs that can be adapted to your interior space. Some tapestries are limited editions and other works are unique pieces due to their characteristics.

In any case, by all being handmade, each piece has its own personality, each knot and each embroidery is unique.

Commission-made tapestries are usually unique pieces.

-How do I take care of my Textile Art?

It depends on the work. All tapestries are sent ready for assembly, I recommend unpacking the work as soon as possible. When mounting the tapestry to the wall, gravity helps it return to its original shape. Don’t use a damp cloth or steam to clean it, shake it off to dust.

Each item ships with care instructions.

-Do you do international shipments?

We shipped from Spain to anywhere in the world. International shipping rates vary based on package weight and shipping address. The customer is responsible for all customs and/or import duties specific to their country.

As soon as the art piece order has been processed, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.

-Do you make talks about Textile Art?

Research and dissemination are two drivers that stimulate our creative membrane. We have participated in several meetings where creators and researchers share experiences and knowledge.

In the following link, you can read the communication that we presented at the II Textile and Fashion Colloquium of Barcelona entitled Arpilleristas: artists of the resistance

If you want to organize an event and you would want to include Textile Arts subject talk, we can help you, please contact us