VALVA Tapestry

Tapestry Valva compact and concise soft sculpture. The shells of the mussel provide the great beauty. Blue-black color covered by fine concentric marks (growth lines) and internally of a purplish color and with certain pearly reflections.

The Valva tapestry is three-dimensional, has volume, sculpted by a plumb cotton rope that serves as a frame for two circles of shells communities, in the upper circle they modestly show us its pearly interior. In the lower circle its blue-black exterior. The same bicolor shell. It is concave. They are sewn by hand with black paper threads, one by one they hang and sway.

VALVA tapestry is a unique piece

Metal bar, cotton rope lead, mussel shells, black paper threads

Dimensions (cm) 77×140

Weight (kg) 5.0

Hardware not included, contact us if you need recommendations.

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