The instinct of heaven, the event exhibition in a unique place, the meeting between space and creation. Story # 5 by KhaOs in the Boost building in Saint-Denis.

Story #5 Exhibition

The instinct of heaven, the event exhibition in a unique place, the meeting between space and creation. Story # 5 by KhaOs in the Boost building in Saint-Denis.

The instinct of heaven, cherished by the poets Mallarmé and Maulpoix, the quest for the divine in religions, the questioning of the marvelous by creators, the search for knowledge in scientists or the aspiration for the well-being of anyone. So many terms and ideas that speak of our nature pushing us for millennia to open up to the world.

Exhibition from October 16 to October 21. in the Boostbuilding in Saint-Denis. A daring exhibition with more than 23 artists in the heart of a breathtaking construction site.


A project invented and designed by Kiama COLAS, artistic director and Barbara LUSZYNSKA curator of the exhibition.


cited | sharing | to live together | house | social link | work

Sharing, living and working together, building a house, a city, a social bond have been challenges for our society for centuries that artists have reflected in their work. Like Julie GENELIN, with her research on the permeability of language, Cécile DACHARY, with her filigree and crocheted cities, Catherine VAN DEN STEEN, with her portraits of “others from elsewhere” or Pierre ESPARRE, with his puzzling boxes Amazon mosaic. Their works like bas-reliefs tell of internal tensions and the quest for harmony within society.


beyond | elevation | spiritual | energy | knowledge | presence

The ancients sought to capture the transcendence of the immaterial through the invention of stained glass, sublimating light. Buddhist philosophy affirms “a luminous quality of the human spirit”.

Today, many artists seize light as their raw material to talk about the spiritual world, to awaken the eyes, to materialize the presence of energies.

Thus, Carlos SANCHEZ ALONSO evokes in his light installations the hidden meaning of words and the architecture of ideas, Seb JANIAK captures in his photographs a mysterious beauty of photons, Victor CORD’HOMME animates his happy mobiles by solar energy and Sandrine ELBERG makes a meteor shower fall on our heads in its post-modern stained glass windows. The light transports us to an elsewhere.


labyrinth | wandering | introspection | to get lost – to find oneself | soul | trip

Wandering in the labyrinth of a cathedral, prompts us to get lost in order to find each other better. We are the perpetual travelers in search of ourselves. Thus we will wisely follow the tangled paths of Jordane SAGET, we will contemplate the mathematical conjectures of Michel DECTOR, we will understand the “symbolic tears” of the fabrics of Gabriela VANZETTI and we will “dive” into the complex structures of Brice MARE.


fantastic | mystery | strange | difference | precious | poetry

“If the sight of heaven fills you with joy, your soul is still alive…” (E. DUSE).

The strange and the fantastic, the precious and the “different”, formerly coded messages inscribed in the ornamentations of our cities, now find their outlet in the work of artists. Cike Rebecca TANDA, which imagines a double eagle Suger, Laurent Descotils, a mad inventor of poetic machines and Kenta Umemoto, the author strange lifes who “dissect” the flowers.



nature | grow up | forests | geology | alive | garden of Eden

The forces of nature are at the heart of the questions of contemporary artists. Their works are the recipients of its mysterious substance.

As in the landscapes reduced to a pure emotion of Fabien CONTI, or the dreamlike visions in black and white of Vincent DESCOTILS. ​

Art is called upon to express this spirit of invention, of construction, of attention to what binds us, “completes” us and surpasses us. Notions that we find in the photographic work of Kiama SORLI which mixes incorporated, sensation and movement.

The new urban hybrid places, the BOOST building and the creation itself promise with their “sky instincts” a possibility of something else.

More than ever, we need the right places to work and dream, spaces that bring meaning, well-being, and accelerators of change. ​

​Thus, a few steps from here, a new space will arise. The proof that despite crises and catastrophes, we will continue to wonder, to seek and to learn. A project to be together, like the phrase of the artist Laurent LACOTTE who will dress the building: we will meet again.

Text: KhaOs group

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