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Search platform for artisans.


Search platform for artisans.

Malimbus Studio is pleased to be part of La Hacería.

This topic was published in the October 2021 issue of Vogue Spain


La Hacería, Search platform for artisans. The new project promoted by Moisés Nieto. It constitutes a meeting point on the web and social networks between artisans and designers, and is intended to disseminate the work of the former and to nurture collaborations between the latter and these traditional trades.

But it is not only that, it is also a tool, a kind of virtual map that works like a search engine, by technique and discipline. Capable of producing a whole constellation of small businesses according to specialties and that allows locating (and contacting) these workers.

The project, presented last September in Madrid Capital de Moda, is sponsored by the designer Moisés Nieto and was born thanks to an aid offered by the city council of the capital to initiatives that combine support for local crafts, sustainability and putting in value of Spanish fashion.

Its creation serves to solve a recurring need in the fashion sector: “With my own firm I have found it difficult to find people (embroiderers, weavers, basket makers …) to help me develop the garments,” explains Nieto. “Sometimes you can only reach them by word of mouth or by doing a lot of research. I made my own little list of providers and I have always loved sharing them. That secrecy that we sometimes maintain in the sector seems absurd to me: by making the information public, we all win”

The team is completed by Clara Vignal, in charge of the research and the first contact with the artisans, and the Ficus and Ficus studio, responsible for the visual identity of the platform.

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To the team of La Haceía Thank you!