CLOUD Tapestry

Cloud tapestry and J.M.G. Le Clézio wonders in his book L’inconnu sur la terre: Where do they come from? Who makes the clouds, tell me, who makes them grow?

I repeat these questions and turn them into textile art: a Cloud tapestry. The weft effect rep technique dominate in the tapestry. And the weft cord graceful holds the paper petal.

The meeting of literature and art. In a tapestry that contains the essence of ideas, materialised in a form. The Cloud tapestry, a tapestry that walks and plays with the satisfaction of raising your head and feeling the presence of many bodies in one.

Clouds live in the sky. They are many, and light, light. They cross space, without hurrying, they pass slowly over the earth, just like that, all swollen like sails, or lying down like shreds of white clothing. They are beautiful!

Clouds, soft, calm, strange clouds, gray clouds, with ductile shapes… It is enough to raise your head and look with wide open eyes, as if it were water. And it is drunk with the pupils and the freshness enters the body and washes, calms, fills, and the softness of the light enters the body and bathes each organ, warms, soothes, and in the pure sky where the clouds calmly metamorphose , you can see, as in a mirror, our own clear and pure gaze, where the sun illuminates, in each pupil, a dancing star.

Cloud tapestry and J.M.G. Le Clézio tell the wonderful sensation of looking at the sky and its main inhabitants: the Clouds. And continues:

The only thing they know how to do is walk. They come from one side of the horizon, they go to the other side. They are not in a hurry. They move majestically, yet light, light, gliding through the blue sky. They roll a little, stretch out, throw a few wisps forward, then the rest of the body continues to crawl, and the tufts at the back retract. They have neither head nor legs. They enclose many bodies in one, which moves and shakes, as if there were a troop of children hidden under a large sheet.

Cloud Tapestry and J.M.G. Le Clézio

The great design of the Cloud tapestry is made with raw cotton ropes of different thicknesses and gauze and fiber craft paper. The weft effect rep technique dominate in the tapestry. And the weft cord graceful holds the paper petal.

The most widespread uses of the weft-effect rep technique are found in shawls and ponchos. These hold the shape of the garment better and are more often used for intricate designs.

In the Cloud tapestry, the effect is homogeneous and subtle. Being able to see in detail the passage of the rope through each warp and the result.




  • Iron bar 1x1 cm
  • Ecru cotton ropes of different thicknesses
  • Gauze and fiber craft paper


  • 100x200cm