CARNAL Tapestry

Carnal fiber tapestry on a human scale. Two columns made with the Spanish tied upside down joined by a hemp rope.

Ties are knots used to secure a rope to any object (such as a pole, hook, ring, or stringer). They must be able to sustain and resist a parallel effort without slipping.

The mission of the Spanish ties in the Carnal Tapestry is to give a uniform and sinuous appearance.

Carnal means having a relationship with the body. It could mean this, but more often connotes a manifestation of a person’s lower nature. Since the intention of the body opposed to the intentions of the spirit.

In Christian thought, it does not stop to arouse distrust. Humanistic thought breaks down the barriers that separate the flesh from the spirit and insists on the inseparable unity of human nature.

The Carnal tapestry mixes hand-dyed hemp ropes and cotton ropes. You can see the change in tone of the hemp rope and the texture of the material. Thus, the union of materials plays with the imagination, also allows this human-scale work of fiber art, to show the complexion of each thread.

The design concept is about the connection with the body, the carnal, the many possibilities of being tied to the other, joining, penetrating. Two being one and creating another, an indivisible other.

Carnal fiber tapestry on a human scale is about physical contact, attraction & desire of the body.

This process of attraction and contact involves hormonal, physical and psychological activity. In the knot’s glossary we can find similarities, such as:

-to tie, to anchor, to intertwine, to graft; loop, mast, bollard, slip knot, shortening knot, splicing knot & fastening knot, among others.


  • Wooden bar
  • Cotton and hemp ropes


  • 127 x 320 cm