Cloudworks Sagrada Familia hosted Malimbus Studio's solo exhibition on one of its six coworking floors.

Cloudworks Exhibition

Cloudworks Sagrada Familia hosted Malimbus Studio’s solo exhibition on one of its six coworking floors.

The Malimbus Studio solo exhibition was installed for four months, welcoming professionals, staff and visitors who passed through the offices and meeting rooms. From December 2019 to March 2020 we coincide with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Which turned the exhibition into a welcoming embrace to the increasingly rare visitors to the Cloudworks coworking at the Sagrada Familia.

The captivating creations engaged in storytelling, thus maintaining the necessary calm and stillness in a time of uncertainty and fear. It is one of the functions of art, it gives us the possibility of discovering new routes, new accommodations and exploring various emotions.

The tapestries: Panela, Blu, Soto, SotoII, Industrial, Malimbus, Ashley y Coco. They were in charge of facilitating the transit: they took the most insightful observers to the worlds of artisan work, where the slow and methodical of traditional techniques coincide.

At Malimbus Studio we focus our attention on creating contemporary designs using traditional techniques such as braiding, weaving, sewing and we pay particular attention to the art of knots.

A coworking is a space in which different companies, entrepreneurs and professionals in general meet. They have become popular for the amount of profit that comes from renting an office or meeting room that is managed effectively.

A coworking is not related to exhibition spaces for art objects. Although, due to its reason for being, it becomes an optimal place to exhibit exclusive pieces of textile art. In the Sagrada Familia we find the perfect space for it. It is an area of ​​passage, of pause that connects common areas, high walls and industrial-looking ceilings.